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basically this is just a thank you to some of my favorite people that i’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with, talking to, or just being able to see on my dash everyday. without you guys my life would suck so much worse and i can’t even explain it. you guys put up with me for whatever reason and it means so much. you all make me happy and you make me laugh and you put so much light in my life just by being you. so thank you and i hope you all realize how beautiful you are and how much you mean to me (✿◠‿◠)

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even if you’re not on here i still love you okay? i promise! but yes, thaNk you all so much, you’re the best!


Vic Fuentes and Alex Gaskarth at the APMAs


Alex Gaskarth  Rainbow Guitars


All Time Low feat.Vic Fuentes - A Love Like War [video credit]


Jeremy Davis & Hayley Williams are nominated in Alternative Press Music Awards 2014! More info about voting here (x)


i kinda wear this shirt waaaay too much lol

you are the cutest i swear

friendly reminder that it’s NEVER ok to bash on someone’s taste in music. if you like pop, awesome. if you like rock, marvelous. if you like anything else, or even a combination of many different things, then that’s ok. that’s wonderful. keep listening to what makes you happy. because that’s what music’s there for: to make people happy. so, if you think you have the right to make someone feel bad for something they enjoy, then please get over yourself immediately. stop being pretentious. you are not above anyone else. you’re not cooler than anyone else. you literally look ridiculous. i can promise you that.